Sunday, June 03, 2007


Hit the 5th Avenue Festival today to get pics fer the BID. Festival was a li'l crowded, but otherwise pathetic. Mostly food, everythin' else was light. 3rd Avenue is much better. Things weren't helped by the fact it was threatenin' rain all day till it eventually started. Shots were mediocre at best; I had nuttin' to shoot an' my good shots were always spoiled by people walkin' into 'em. Ah well. Also, of all the people I'd've loved to run into at this thing, D's friend Sean was not one of' yet he was it. Dammit.

Hit Circuit City. Surprisingly, they actually had crap in stock. Got all the DVDs ma wanted an' settled on two fer myself. Durin' that time I had called back Tommy whose call I missed. Gonna head up to the store next weekend if it don't rain an' we made plans to go see Transformers when it comes out, with D too most likely (though Tommy dunno that part yet).

On my way home, decided to hit Carvel fer my soft cone I been dyin' fer since Feb. It was sooooooooo good but melted too damn fast. Dunno how I kept it off my clothes. D called me to hang, so an hour after I went home I hit his place. There he gave me from Phily a copy of the Declaration an' a Marvel shirt I saw in a catalogue not too long ago. We surfed the web fer a bit, an' even hit Craigslist to laugh at some of the ads on there. He even responded to two of them, so we'll see what happens there.

Came home, hit the chat fer a bit an' tried to work on the script that would NOT be written. Dunno what my hangup is on it, but I hope it passes soon 'fore Liz thinks I forgot about her.


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