Friday, June 01, 2007


Pullin' double duty all week had taken it's toll. I was incredibly shot today. I was tired in every sense of the word. Bein' Friday I snagged a nap, but I'm even MORE tired now than I was. Looks like I know what I'll be doin' this weekend...SLEEPIN'.

Was out with Juan today an' it all went pretty smoothly. P1s got where they needed to be on time, banged out a lotta P2s. The problem came in my gettin' back to the station. Juan didn't wanna take me back so I hadda wait fer a ride from someone else. Took till well after 12 to get one, an' got back around 12:30. Next time, I'm just takin' the bus or train. I really need my own route an' truck, this shit is gettin' rediculous. No less thrillin' fer Carlos who informed me it costs them 20Gs to train new people on the hopes of makin' that investment back in work. I was also held up by Steve, the night guy in the check-in room, takin' the day off an' nobody else seemin' to know about it. Hadda wait fer Lisette to head in there. Lisette is a very attractive gal who works there in the check-out room. Her actual job function I really don't know at this point, but she's somewhere between us an' management. Nice gal too, gorgeous eyes.

Anyways, trudged through at the office where I was surprised by most of the renewals bein' gone, then bein' dismayed when they returned when Kathy left...probably bein' held at her desk. Ah well. Came home, set up my AC, put away the first batch of tradin' cards I got off Ebay an' then passed out. Got up, did some stuff on Spiderfan, an' that was that.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna try to go get my new glasses an' new rim an' chain fer my bikes. Tomorrow night, Bob sent me a thing about a bday celebration an' openin' of a new exhibit fer comic creator Jim Salicrup at MoCCA that I'm fixin' to attend. Hopefully there's no dress code there as I'd like to wear my shorts since it's gonna be hot. Pants would kill me. Sunday, if I get the bikes fixed, I'm gonna head up to the store to drop off Craig's books. That's of course after I go to the 5th Avenue Festival to take some shots fer the BID, an' in between all that doin' stuff fer Spiderfan. So much fer rest, huh?

D's also back from his trip, but he's workin' tomorrow. So we're gonna start hittin' up the movies next weekend. Although, I think my meetin' might be Saturday mornin' again so it may not go exactly as planned. We'll hafta see.


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