Saturday, August 16, 2008


And so, the final clean-up was underway. I worked in my room, ma did the hallway, and pops finally joined the act and did the porch, vacuumed and got some ice from the machine at the boat club. However, he did a half-assed job and left the porch in a clutter (as well as not cleaning off the furniture) so by the time Tommy and Craig arrived we were literally caught with our pants down.

I fixed up the porch and brought the food and drinks up, and we got things underway. D was next to arrive, followed by Jess and finally Lenny. I made the rounds as I cooked, and D and Jess seemed to hit it off while the Waldbaum's crew stayed together for the most part. Lenny spent a good chunk in one of our new chairs bobbing to the music and reading the paper. Only had a couple of problems when I spilled the tray of chicken waiting to be cooked and the gauge we got for the grill had problems connecting to the propane tanks after I had to switch them out. We also learned that Fuzzy is as much a chicken shit as Stitch, running away from new people.

The party gradually died down until it was just me, Jess and Tommy. Jess was ready to call it quits for her long train ride back to Queens, so we ended it all right there and I drove Tommy home. Ma had done most of the clean-up by the time I got back, and I finished up. So overall, it was fun. So fun, there are talks in progress now about making it more than once a month, with everyone pitching something in so I don't hafta cover it all. Hey, no problem with that here!

So I've still got a ton of hot dogs, some sausage, and half a box of burgers left. Guess that's gonna be my lunches until gone, or the buns go bad. Whichever comes first.


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