Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have had numerous friends where we'd end up talking every day for a good while for some reason. Sometimes it was because they just needed someone, other times because maybe we were working at the same time and they found their job super boring. Whatever the reason, the chatting we'd do on the computer would be constantly entertaining and the highlight of the day.

Of course, to all good things come an end. Whenever one of those friends got some kind of change in their life (new job, kid, marriage, new home, etc.) one of two things was sure to happen: either our contact would drop down considerably, or would cease entirely. Ya know, I can't fault anyone 'cause life gets busy and what not. Not gonna put talking to me in the same league as all that. But, of course, it does leave me without someone to talk to and my life gets a little more dull.

It's a pattern that has emerged; find someone I like to talk to, we talk a lot for a period of time, and then they're gone. Rinse and repeat. Sis calls me a pessimist whenever I talk about my latest conversational buddy and mention their eventual departure. Sis always fails to realize every "negative" thing I say always has some amount of evidence to back it up. And, through it all as well as the expectation of what's bound to come, the event doesn't bother me as much as it used to. I mean, yeah, I hate that I'm practically losing a friend that I may or may not speak to again once in a while, but like with most other injuries I receive I've adapted beyond the pain of the loss. It is what it is.

Well, in all this time I've never had one of those friends anticipate said event before to give me a long goodbye before it happens. Usually it just...does. But, Britt decided to do a preemptive strike before she got too busy with all the changes she's making in her life and tell me how she felt about our friendship and to tell me October probably wasn't gonna happen. I countered that the fat lady hadn't sung yet, and October is happening with or without her so since we're both gonna be there may as well get to enjoy each other's company. It's not over yet, and I'm getting every ounce of time I can. Not often I have this much advanced warning, so gotta take advantage. I knew the day was coming and it's almost here, just wished I had a bit more time. But, who knows...we might have a repeat of what happened the previous semester and we'll reconnect come winter. She's got all my info, so not like she can ever lose touch with me permanently. Ball's in her court, I've already told her she ain't getting rid of me that easy.

On a related note, a couple of those aforementioned friends had contacted me the last couple of days. Surprisingly unexpected.

I finished up the reviews and they should go live by tomorrow I was told, so we'll see what happens there. Pops got me the hot dogs and cheese I needed, so now all I need to do is find the charcoal and I'm good to go. Because of the BBQ stuff I've been unable to focus on getting back. But, provided how much I have left over for my BBQ, I'll be able to take care of that next week for sure. Might be too late for registration, but shit happens. Summer's a busy time for me, as you can plainly see.


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