Monday, August 11, 2008


One of our engineers, in order to see how the numbers match up to the field, decided to go out with one of us today. Damien stuck him with me since I'd be able to bring him back to the building sooner (a moot point since he had a meeting at 1 Penn anyways). So, he followed me as I did my route, helping out as best he could without any gear...not that I needed any. It was a damn light Monday, both in stops and pieces. Plus, I was cool with the elevator guy they had on so he did me a couple solids ala the regular guy (he'll help, but ya need to ask).

The result was I got to some of my stops too ealry as people were just coming in, and I finished by 9:30 so I had to go and help the loudmouth 3 blocks away. She, of course, sent me in the wrong direction for some of my stops so I had to hunt them down. Luckily I had helped Earl and Willie back in the day so I knew a couple of the more out of the way stops. We also ran into a hangup with one stop as they forgot to turn their lights on in their recieving area, and with no phone or bell it looked like no one was there. They were, just needed to knock. Oy. I took two more stops after my initial 6, and after an elevator delay came to learn NEITHER place was in the building (as one floor especially was all torn up for remodeling). Now between me and Earl, who had also come to help, we took 14 stops from the bitch. If that wasn't at least HALF or more of her route, I'd be surprised...and we were pretty pissed at that. We've got our own shit, we don't need to cover her ass. Some people should just not be couriers.

So now I was stuck with 2 packages to bring back, and of course the delays in the final stops made it so I got caught a block and a half from my truck in the storm I knew was about to hit. I got a little soaked, but I was able to get in my truck and go just before it turned to HAIL. Freaking HAIL in summer. Geeze. That only lasted a few minutes, as did the downpour that continued.

After crashing on my couch again, I resumed fixing up my room. I actually got it done for the most part, just a couple odds and ends remain that I'll need to go internal for and reorganize some. All that's left is the dusting, which I'll take care of all in one shot maybe on Friday. In doing this I found a lot of old artwork I had just shoved away, which I think I'll scan and throw up on Deviant Art when I have a chance. That'll be especially good so I could show Liz, since even though I guilted ma into finally letting her stay for the next con and told her so she couldn't back out, I'm basically encouraging her to stay with Alex again. I think she'll have more fun with them than with me and my 'rents. All I got that he doesn't is video games. Well, whatever; yet another in an endless line of options for her (EVERYONE wants this girl to stay with them...amazing stuff!)

Gonna be fun tomorrow as I hafta do the updates for my website AND still clean the grill. I think if it rains again I'm just gonna stick it outside and let nature do the work for me. I'm also gonna try to find a bigger box so I can stick it in assembled, just taking off the legs and storing it all inside. Less hassle for next year.

Then again, next year may be even LESS of a hassle. Yesterday pops offered me the boat club for the event, so I ran it by the bigs to see what they say. What that'd mean is guaranteed tables, a waterfront view, a gas grill that doesn't take forever and a swimming pool! Plus, shelter in case of rain. My only concern is how much of a haul it'll be for the out of staters to go all the way to south Brooklyn, but the logistics of all that can be worked out easily.


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