Sunday, August 10, 2008


The day after the BBQ, and I already know I drank too much soda yesterday. I'm gonna be in some kinda pain come tomorrow, if I don't get it already. Damn carbonation.

I had intended to clean the grill, but rain kiboshed that plan, so it was on to cleaning the apartment for Saturday. I decided to start off in my room, but 'cause sis made a rare weekend appearance online I ended up getting in there pretty late. Probably also didn't help I did some chatting as I had the laptop to watch movies as I worked (or listen to, as the radio can get dull after a couple hours).

I made some good progress. See, it's not that my room is actually a mess per sey, it's that anything new I've gotten in I've hadn't had time to put away or find a place for, so it kinda ended up either under or on top of my desk. Basically, all that resulted in was some reorganization of my files for the most part. Hafta finish it up tomorrow, and then the only major problem is the dusting. Haven't dusted in a good while, and I got a LOT of crap to work around. Now I know why museums have their stuff in cases.


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