Friday, August 15, 2008


My manager jinxed me today when he told me and Wes about cuts they had to make, especially to light routes. And then I ended up with NINE stops. I've been pretty light all week; I'm hoping it's just because of the Olympics and that most of my stops get their stuff from China. My task was to finish my stops and see if help was needed, then return to do the office till 12. It was theorized that nobody should need the help today.

Sheeyah, right.

I tried to help four routes. The closest two, one handled his lates and the other no longer needed help, not sending the message to that effect until I was already halfway to the next route 4 blocks away (NYC blocks, which is quite a trek). That guy was stuck in a building and didn't leave his keys, so I went to help another route 5 blocks away. The wrong street was initially sent for his route and he ended up being 2 blocks back. But, by then, was too late to make it.

I had planned to do some cleaning since the BBQ was planned, but being exhausted all these months kinda kiboshed that. I started last night with dusting during commercials of Burn Notice and got the front done at least. Today I was hoping to do most, if not all. However, the porch ended up becoming a big clusterfuck. I brought the power washer up so I could blast it and tied a rope to the rail so I could hoist up the hose from the basement (in moving the grill to do so I discovered that one of the wheels was about to fall off, and did, which is fine since we're getting a new one anyways but the timing was crap). I went down and also decided to clean off the other grill from last week. Now, at this point I should mention I was already a little pissed off 'cause pops was antagonizing me without even helping, so you can imagine when I cut my leg open on the backyard storm doors I was ready to kill.

After doing some of that, I went back to the other end of the basement, untangled the hose, tried to get it out the window and found it was still tangled up somewhere. I went back down to discover that my anger-augmented strength may not have completely abated with the rage as I managed to break the link to the water main with the not even major tugging I did on the hose. (Could also be the pipe was just old). So pops had to come down, shut it off, and disassemble it to find out what needed to be done resulting in us not having water for the duration. I ended up having to run to Lowes for replacement parts as he worked on the pipe, which is ironic 'cause I was gonna force pops to go to Lowes to get more propane since he decided to wait until Wednesday AFTER I had gone to the bank to tell me we needed some.

Of course when I left it decided to pour, and there was traffic that kept me at a standstill for a good half hour a mere 3 blocks from the store. Add to that the fact I dunno shit about all the finer points of plumbing, so I was looking for parts blindly and only finding half of what we needed. Getting the propane was the easiest part. I got back, he made do with what I got, and fixed the pipe. Now, here it was 9 PM and ma only got SOME of the cleaning done. I also had to waste more time getting us food.

So after watching the rest of Monk, Psych and Batman, I hit the kitchen and got that done. What that left was the porch, my room and the hallways to finish, which means getting up early tomorrow. This is the only part I HATE about these BBQs...minus the blinding smoke in the eyes from the grill.


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