Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A few months ago I wrote about the closing of the Cheyenne Diner to make room for more godforsaken condos. Today, I drove past on my way to get some gas after my route, and saw the diner was getting one last hurrah before it goes. A film shoot was using the diner, and they were setting up. From what it looked like, someone was on the roof removing (or fixing?) the Cheyenne sign, they had frosted all the windows with a design etched in, and added an "Eat" sign to one of them. From what I can tell, it looks like they're doing a little time travel into the not-so-distant past. One of the cars parked there had the orange license plate that ran through most of the 80s, and there was a Chevy Caprice taxi with a Liberty plate, which debuted in '86. Caprice's haven't been taxis since the police force switched over to Crown Vics (for some reason, cabs always bite off the cops for the cars they use, with the exception being the cops now use Imapalas and Chargers while cabs are using Mazdas). So, I'm guessing the movie is set sometime around 1986...something to keep an eye out for.

There are all kindsa comic fans, and some of them are scared by the other kinds. Example; at my shop today there was a prime example of the super geek. He fit all the physical stereotypes and was one of those that buy whatever has their favorite characters, regardless of how crappy or stupid it might be. Also, he's the type that gets the various covers that come out (which I was guilty of until a few years ago). I know this because he told me about them being out. That kind of rabid fanboy is what gives most of us the bad name we have. Not that I have anything against anyone who loves their hobbies or what have you, it's just at that level... It is a little scary.

Liz came to the city with her sister and friend. I had considered joining them for a spell, but her texting me had killed my phone battery and I had a few errands to run, so I passed. It felt like I was there, though, 'cause she texted me every step of the way and I had to even provide directions at some point. Basically, it wasn't her best trip to the city. I COULD have gone for a bit if someone didn't take out the charger that fit my phone that's been sitting in the office until now, apparently. I coulda charged at work and been fine. Actually, I still woulda been fine without...turning off my phone seems to replenish the battery some, and having only one bar of power lasts a LOT longer than having the full four. I so need a new phone.

I gave pops the money for the stuff for my van. It cost $125 for a new exhaust, plus $40 for getting it inspected. I'm expecting upwards of $180 for the ABS sensor I need to get that working right. This van is costing me a fortune, and all it does is sit parked most of the time! Pops said it's because of that, so now he's gonna use it to go to the boat club every weekend to give it a little workout. It's because of that I don't have the disposable funds I was hoping to and now have to decide if I want a haircut, or to get art supplies so I can draw GTM myself. Oh, yeah, I neglected to mention my artist got too busy to work on it, of course. GTM is the project that refuses to live, and NYH is the project that refuses to die.


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