Saturday, August 23, 2008


I finally got around to checking out the bikes today. I propped up the back-up one and discovered no discernable problems with the shifter, except that it maybe takes a bit to shift in one particular gear and that the rear rim is slightly bent, not enough to make it unrideable. I think maybe I'm just too big for the little bike, so I won't be riding it for a while. I'll leave that for Tina. Now my other bike, I discovered why I couldn't refill the tire when I tried to the last time; there's a big ol' hole through the tire into the tube. I have NO idea how the hell that happened. A hole that big would've flattened my tire in no time, and I rode my bike home after the accident so it couldn't've been from that. And the rim wasn't damaged so it wasn't from that. That means someone either whacked my tire passing by (all I've passed with in the last month besides laundry are the coolers) or something chewed through. I rather not think our waterbug infestation is joined by another.

So, sometime this week I'll hafta cart it over to the bike shop to get repaired. Normally, I'd do it myself, but seeing as these particular rims are painted unlike all my previous bikes and there's no way I can pry the tires off without scratching the hell out of them, I'd rather let professionals with machinery handle it. Also, because it's a pain in the ass to re-thread the damn chain.


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