Monday, August 25, 2008


With only one extra person in the wings, we didn't have anyone to cover the unexpected no call/no show downstairs. So they decided to absorb my route and send me out on a modified one downstairs, like I'm a swing driver. First off, I had to drive a piece of shit Ford, which I hate. Aside from the fact it's tiny to me, the way the gas pedals are set up force me to hover my leg above it and gives me cramps after a while. Although this particular one, the pedal was a little closer to the floor and easier to rest and press. Also, the way it shuddered and worked, felt like it was about to fall apart at any moment. Dunno how the regular guy drives it.

What I hate about doing other routes is I dunno all the nuances of them. I dunno who comes in when, where they are, and least of all the idiosyncrasies of the addresses. What I mean by that is a package can be going to this one address, but the way to get into the building is on the block around the corner...which was the case for a group of ones I had. Add to that some companies don't like to mark themselves so it really makes things a bitch if ya dunno what you're doing. Way to make me feel like a rookie again! Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty decent route and I finished on time, even did a reattempt, with only 3 cart loads. Just you need to be intimate with how it runs to do it effectively.

Got home and tried to finish my articles, but another unplanned nap put me behind and the articles ended up being more complex than I thought they'd be. Gonna hafta extend myself till tomorrow and bang them out without fail. Hopefully.


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