Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here's a good example of the disorganization I face on a daily basis. I was super light today so I went to help the idiot nearby and took three of his stops just as Rory sent me a message that they just gave him 3 more stops for my route. So, I had to rush those three to get back to the building and retrieve the stops where eh said they'd be...only to find out he took them with him down the block. I met him there and snagged them. Luckily a paper courier came to help and I gave him one and did the other two, although I should've given him the stop that won't let me use a handcart no more. But, I got around it by carrying the cart in...and I don't think the guy who was on duty in the lobby woulda given me much of a problem if I wheeled it in. Either way.

After work I headed to Pearl paint for my art supplies. For those who've never been, Pearl was introduced to me in my art classes at BMCC. They send everyone there for their stuff, and they even give a 10% student discount. It's a 5-story building that must've been some kinda tenement at one point due to the stairs you hafta climb to each floor, each with it's own array of products. Hear tell if they don't have it, probably don't exist. I bought two types of erasers to try out and the boards. I debated about getting some artistic pencils, but figured I'd just get some name brand mechanical pencils to replace the Staples crap I bought instead. Can't go TOO far out of my comfort zone.


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