Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I finished my articles today. Mostly. They became far more involved than I thought they would. I didn't even finish my 90s article 'cause I need to re-watch the featurette on the story for some names of people involved. As it is now, it's too generic. And I started it a month ago! Looks like I'll need to shift my focus entirely on the 90s articles and get them going and done months in advance at this point. Which makes sense; they're about the past, the others are more contemporary. And even with all this work, I'm planning a spinoff series to highlight various characters from the 90s that faded or carry on today.

Yep, I'm nuts.

'Rents went upstate, which means I'm taking care of 4 sets of cats in the meantime. Shouldn't be too bad, although ma's little system seems unneccessarily complex.


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